„TravelBE” is the first Polish tourist and business magazine in Russian language. It contains series-articles with official information about tourism, business, culture, attractions, entertainment, fashion and shopping, plus the activity of Polish celebrities, and many other columns. The magazine has been launched in Poland for 3 months; it includes short translations in the English and Polish languages. It is available, free of charge, in airports, consular centres, tourist agencies, hotels, cultural and art institutions, boutiques, ski resorts, restaurants and cafes in Kraków, Warsaw, Katowice and Gdańsk.

Our readers will always get reliable official information about tourism, leisure, and business in Poland. The magazine will appeal to active adults, with above-average income or high status, who seek quality goods and services from the moment of arriving in Poland. Their reasons for visiting Poland might be for personal leisure, education, professional exchange of experience, medical treatment, shipping tour, pilgrimage, business openings, for cultural and sport purposes.